Day Activities

Catherine Care run a busy schedule of daytime, evening and weekend opportunities from our own day activity sites as well as out and about in the local area. To make life easier, we can provide transport to and from home, and between various activities, in our wheelchair-friendly minibuses. We can also arrange personal assistants if needed.

All our activities aim to:

  • offer choice
  • develop meaningful and useful independent living skills
  • help achieve personal goals
  • use relevant communication tools and techniques
  • provide environments and support to suit individual needs and temperaments
  • keep people safe without restricting freedom and learning

What would you like to do?

Performing arts

Dance, make music, dress up, act, sing, and learn to perform in front of audiences as we put on shows in the community and from our stage at Jerome Road.

Arts and crafts

Explore sensory arts and messy crafts or learn a new skill and develop your artistic ability. We also learn about enterprise, making things to sell at local shops and at our social events.


Our training kitchen gives you a big space to enjoy learning about food. Follow recipes and cook meals and treats, taste new things and enjoy eating together.

Photography, film and music production

We make regular trips to Greenwood Studios to learn about music and media through hands-on sessions.

I.T. sessions

Our computer suites offer you an opportunity to develop your IT skills, study, play games and use the internet safely.


Get muddy, learn about nature, and grow and care for flowers and vegetables.

Personal care 

Learn about how to take care of your hair and body, or get help to feel clean and fresh. We have a mini hair salon, dignity rooms, accessible changing and shower rooms, a whirlpool path, and a hydrotherapy hot tub with overhead tracking hoist.

Sensory sessions and relaxation

Our sensory rooms are the perfect place to explore your senses, use your imagination, or let off steam, with aromatherapy and other relaxation therapies available.

Socializing and table games

Make use of our pool tables, table football and table tennis tables or join in our social events.

Rebound Therapy

Our staff are trained to offer Rebound Therapy. Sessions on our big trampolines will help take care of your body and are great fun too. Learn more about Rebound Therapy here.

Social stories and communication sessions

Social stories are a great way to learn social skills and better understand other people and the world around you. We also help develop speech and language skills and social communication.

Intensive interaction

Intensive interaction strategies help us explore and develop positive communication behaviours with adults who find communication difficult. You can learn more about intensive interaction here.

Jabadeo and Loud & Lively sessions

Use your whole body to move, play, be energetic and enjoy yourself. Take a look at the Jabadeo website to see this colourful and joyful exercise programme in action.

Community life

We organise regular trips out during daytimes, evenings and weekends so you can take part in social and community groups and activities, access leisure facilities, go horse riding and explore nature spaces. We work in partnership with many community organisations including The Prince’s Trust and local colleges.