Funding and Finance

We know that arranging funding and finance of support services is a particular worry for parents and carers.

The services we provide are usually paid for by your County Council through the Direct Payment system or through a managed personal budget.

Direct Payments can offer more freedom and choice as they let you pick and choose the best services, but we know they can also feel daunting to parents and carers. Direct Payments do carry extra responsibility as you have to take on the duties and obligations of an employer.

We aim to make life easier and reduce stress for parents and carers by offering a simple system.


1. An all-inclusive service 

Catherine Care can provide many different services. We can plan and put together a unique package of care to cover as many needs, personal goals and aspirations as we can. We then employ all the staff required to deliver this care well, taking care of training, tax, pensions, and other statutory responsibilities.

2. One fee

We charge one fee for this package of care, covering everything, agreed with you in advance.

3. A dedicated account

The County Council’s advice is to set up a separate bank account in which to receive Direct Payments. From this account, we can help you set up a Direct Debit. One payment will come into the account from the County Council, and one payment will automatically be paid out again to Catherine Care, all without you having to worry.


4. Clear records

We’ll send you regular invoices. You won’t need to take any action, but they will show a breakdown of all the different elements of care, so you can see exactly how money has been allocated.


5. Simple admin

Your bank statements will show exactly what goes in and out of the account over the year. You can send copies of these bank statements and our invoices to the County Council when asked to show evidence of how your Direct Payments have been spent. Because the two tally up, there will be no need to supply any more paperwork.


6. Easy budgeting 

When the Direct Payments you receive are more than you choose to spend on care, the leftover can sit in the account safely and be paid back to the County Council at the end of the year. Alternatively, you might choose to spend it on additional support services. Just keep clear records of where it goes.


We’re on hand to provide advice and support at every step.