Our Values

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Catherine Care was born out of our own experience of sharing life with family members who have learning difficulties. Many of our staff, including the Director and Managers, are carers themselves, giving us a unique insight into the real-life experience of many of our clients and their families.

Loving and caring for people with complex needs means we don’t accept anything short of excellence in our own care and support services.

We know how important it is to provide environments and opportunities that help all people in our care to thrive.
We work hard to make the best use of resources available, to be honest, open and accessible, to meet challenges head on, and steer everyone towards a positive future.

All our team work to a shared set of strong values:

Person-centred care

We celebrate what makes people different and tailor our support to suit their individual needs, goals and aspirations. We use relevant and effective planning tools to help us plan, assess and review progress, and work through problems.

Clear communication

We use communication tools to help everyone feel informed and confident and to make sure everyone can join in and have a voice. We are always available to talk to and work hard to be people you can rely on.

Staff training and education

We employ all our own staff locally instead of using agencies or bank staff to make sure our staff are consistent, well-trained and work to our shared standards and values. We offer a continuous programme of training and education to keep standards high and to better meet challenging needs.

Positive outcomes

We are committed to positive outcomes for all our clients. Goals can be big or small, long term or short term, but they all matter. We know growth is a continuous process and so ongoing reviews mean we can recognise achievements and set new goals regularly.

Life beyond buildings

We don’t believe in keeping our work or care confined to inside our buildings. Our community access programmes help people to live fuller lives in their communities and we take a proactive approach to risk that doesn’t restrict freedoms and opportunities.

Local and personal

We believe in keeping things as local as we can. We employ staff who live and work locally and make sure people can access services and opportunities near to where they live too, to build a sense of home and community.

Flexible provision

We know life doesn’t work to rigid plans and timetables and that needs and situations can change day to day. As much as we can, we try to be flexible and accommodate real life routines and circumstances. We can offer extra support whenever it’s needed, or change what we provide with no fuss.

Multi-agency collaboration

We know that when you have complex needs, many people are involved in your care. We work closely and collaboratively with the whole team of health and social care professionals to make sure we all work to the same goals and outcomes.


We’re always happy to meet with you and show you around. Give us a call if you’d like to arrange a visit.